Nowadays the jewelry of various kinds becomes more popular for gifts and presents. By giving a fabulous jewelry piece one is able to show his love and attitude.

Today sterling silver jewelry is becoming more popular from year to year with lots of various jewelry types available. One of the trendiest pieces of jewelry now are bracelets with beads and charms.

Among many other types of beads offered at our webstore there is a special collection of FIMO beads. FIMO corresponds to the material that is used to produce those beautiful and eye-catching beads.

Although the so-called cocktail rings are hugely popular these days, their popularity has been stretched over time for several decades already. It is safe to say that cocktail rings will keep being trendy as long as gemstones are a part of fashion.

Beads as a part of sterling silver jewelry collection become more and more popular nowadays. There are so many reasons for that. Every woman keen on handcrafted jewelry should have made a present for herself or gave a bead or two as gifts.

Beaded jewelry is truly fabulous. It contains such pieces that are capable of being matched and worn with a huge variety of both top-fashion or casual outfits. The most popular example of beaded jewelry are bracelets.

magical properties of coral

What is coral?
Small sea creatures called polyps create these precious vivid red gemstones. Their tiny skeletons are all made of calcium carbonate that are hard enough to be highly polished pretty much like a stone. Thanks to its natural original color and unique patterns it is very valuable in jewelry.

We all know that as gemstones and crystals are coming from the depths of our planet they are thought by many to possess powerful energy, but what about the corals? Have you ever heard about different properties of them?

Red coral jewelry is very attractive. Many women find it truly eye-catching and are eager to have it in their jewelry box. If you are one of them you should know that red coral jewelry is very delicate.

It would be perfectly right to call the red sponge coral gemstone something like the hand-cut sea formed natural porous skeletal deposit, because that’s really what it is.

We would like to give some details about the popular gemstone used nowadays in sterling silver jewelry pieces called the Red Sponge Coral. Originally, this eye-catching addition to women jewelry is an organism vastly spread in almost all main water reservoirs. It is extensively used in the jewelry fashion.