Magic and superpower of your coral jewelry

Anastasia redcoral

What is coral?
Small sea creatures called polyps create these precious vivid red gemstones. Their tiny skeletons are all made of calcium carbonate that are hard enough to be highly polished pretty much like a stone. Thanks to its natural original color and unique patterns it is very valuable in jewelry.

We all know that as gemstones and crystals are coming from the depths of our planet they are thought by many to possess powerful energy, but what about the coral? Have you ever heard about its properties?

The coral comes from the sea and as long as water is considered to be a soothing matter, the gems we talk about are associated with emotional healing. It is also considered to be a treatment for physical disorders connected with blood and bones.

Some people believe that white coral is woman's gemstone, and the red one is men's. They have different properties and powers so if a woman is wearing coral jewelry she might get more enthusiastic and demanding. That is why the main rule with the coral is to keep balance.

Ancient beliefs

First jewelry pieces made of red coral date back to three thousand years BC therefore today we have a bunch of myths and beliefs about coral.

red coral

  • If we go back to the Greek folklore, red coral is said to appear from the blood drops from the head of Gorgon. Later little nymphes got them under the sea water where they became solid and planted. Later coral in Ancient Greece was associated with long life.
  • Speaking of the magical properties, Native American tribes thought the coral was able to hold the evil away.
  • In Middle Ages and Victorian times parent would give corals to their kids to stay safe.
  • Sailors believed that coral is able to keep them unharmed during severe lightning storms. Generally coral is considered to be a guardian for travelers and a symbol of a safe trip.

Coral in traditional medicine

These old-days beliefs are in some form appearing nowadays. Coral is thought to help with various medical problems. Coral oxide is used to cure fevers, coughs and headaches. So believe that coral is able to help solving liver problems, eye issues and some even use it for fertility concerns. Older people use corals to reduce pains in their backs. Many people say that red coral ring or any coral jewelry make the blood circulate better as well as helps to move depressions away.

Some astrology

Astrologists say coral can be worn by all zodiac signs especially it is good for people born under the water sign - Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, as the coral comes from water and is generally associated with this element. But Leo men and women are mainly resistant to the effect of coral.

When you place a coral in your household it does not only provide a decorative pleasure but might as well invite luck to every person, inspire them for creative work and wake peaceful emotions.

Now after this short introduction to the spiritual properties and believed healing abilities of red coral gemstones you might look differently on your old coral ring or grandma’s pendant. As we could see not only is this gemstone attractive and great for jewelry, but is as well thought to be able to help with several diseases. One might not really believe in that but the fact is that the look of a wonderful handmade piece of sterling silver jewelry adorned with a vivid red coral stone will certainly soothe and inspire the wearer.