Sterling Silver Jewelry – caring and cleaning guidelines

When you are the person who can not take his eyes off of the sterling silver shine and sparkle, then you are arguable the one who falls in love with dull, brown-ish, tarnished silver. We have gathered some useful and easy to implement advices for cleaning and caring for your sterling silver jewelry to preserve and maintain its sparkle!

First, could you think about the most accessible and easy to use mean of taking tarnish off of silver? As simple as it is - a polishing cloth. Convenient way to polish an oxidized silver.

It is also very easy to polish silver with special silver cleaning dips. Just place the whole piece of your jewelry into the jar and make it all be covered with liquid. Let it rest according to the manual and the tarnish will be removed (Liver of as well Sulphur) from every part of your jewelry. It is a better way to reach all the grooves on sterling silver design, much more effective than a polishing cloth. Please make sure to read the notes on the chemicals use, do not let the liquid come in contact with your skin. Dipping silver is ok but you do not want your pearls or glass to be touched by those chemicals.

In case you prefer using the items available at every home to clean your silver there is a good old well-known method. Fill a pan made of aluminum with almost boiling water and then add baking soda, 2 or 3 table spoons. Put your jewelry in the pan in such a way that it touches the aluminum – the chemical reaction is what we are looking for! Wait for the tarnish to start coming off, if nothing happens - add a bit more soda till you see the bubbles on the jewelry. Once the tarnish came off, you may rinse the jewelry with warm water and use a cloth to remove any undesired remains of baking soda.

Let us provide you with a few tips on caring for your sterling silver jewelry as well. Do you best to keep it away from humidity, which implies not storing jewelry in your bathroom. It is always better to place your jewelry in an airtight container if the high humidity is a standard for the place you live at. Or you can try wearing jewelry that tarnishes too easy more often as jewelry that is worn daily seems to be less affected by tarnishing. Polishing cloth is great for wiping dirt and oils off of your jewelry a day of wear.

As cleaning of sterling silver is pretty easy, does not take too long and can be done with the help of household items, it is basically inevitable to have your precious collection always shiny and ready for a night out.