Things you should know about sterling silver rings

Rings are thought to be the most desired pieces of jewelry for women in many countries. Rings range from simple design bands to sophisticated rings that women love to have in a jewelry box to be ready jewelry-wise to any festive event. Those rings are often embellished with precious gemstones for even more extravagant look. Sterling silver rings are the most versatile and daily wear friendly yet highly valuable rings on the market. The reason pure silver is not used for rings is that it is too soft for jewelry production although sterling silver makes it possible to create numerous complex ring designs. Sterling silver rings with their vast array of designs will take a nice place in your jewelry collection as well as might become a desired gift for someone you love and care about. There are several things you would probably like to know about sterling silver rings before choosing one.

So first, what is a sterling silver? It is an alloy consisting of pure silver mixed with 7.5 percent of another metal (copper usually) to provide the strength needed to create an artful ring. So as you might have mentioned this type of silver is sometimes named 925 sterling silver, which describes the percentage of pure silver used. Main feature of sterling silver is durability.

As there is a metal in the mix, sometimes a special rhodium coating is applied to rings which makes them less tarnishing. Another advantage of this coating – beautiful highly polished look.

As mentioned before, the special alloy makes it possible to create breathtaking ring designs, so the collections available provide you with plenty of choices. You can get a ring for a daily wear, something simple yet good-looking, or a more festive variation – with gemstones, pearls or crystals. Those can add some colors to any casual outfit. Or you may always get a ring with your birthstone and make your purchase both pretty and personal.

Now let us get a bit more practical. Like any other jewelry sterling silver rings need some special treatment. It is best to have individual cases in your jewelry box for every piece or at least place each in a separate soft cloth. That will ensure the rings are not accidentally scratched. Sterling silver jewelry is harmed by cleaning chemicals. Make sure you have the rings taken off before doing some household work with chemicals involved. And you also should avoid swimming in chlorinated pools with your sterling silver rings on – chlorine is as well able to damage your jewelry.

It is also necessary to polish your sterling silver rings from time to time in order to keep it shiny and good looking. Make sure the polishing liquid does not contain ammonia or bleach before applying. Use a microfiber for excellent results.