Things men should know about wearing silver band ring

Rings as the type of jewelry are mostly associated with women. It is sometimes thought that men wear only wedding rings. But that is absolutely not true. The true fact is that most guys are not too experienced in etiquette of ring wearing.

What you should know is that there are some general traditions in rings wearing. Knowing those you will be able to make a statement without pronouncing anything. But keep in mind that not everyone is getting your statement. That’s even better and more fun to notice those who really understand what your are saying.

The difference between the right hand and the left hand wearing of men band rings appears to be the main thing you need to know. The rules are not really too strict with an exception of wedding rings, but there could be variances depending on the cultural environment. As there are many specific traditions in different cultures you might want to know them in order not to make the wrong impression.

Let us take American men wedding ring wearing traditions as an example. As long as they wear wedding bands on the left hand, men relating themselves to an Eastern Orthodox prefer the right hand wear instead. As for the symbolism, the hand a man uses for gestures is mostly thought to be dominant, but another one represents the character and is considered to be the “mental” one.

And now you might have a question, what if a man is left-handed? It is true that all the above are having a right-handed man’s view. So then the man who is left-handed may use the reversed idea. Anyway you should not to be afraid to mix things up a bit and do it in the your would personally enjoy.

But what about the perfect quantity of bands on a man’s hand? Surely the style he chooses should be considered, but the classic answer is just one ring. The maximum of two or three in total for both hands is pretty safe, but even that might become a little too much. That is really a level separating you from starting to appear a bit caricature. There are as well some more extravagant styles having several thin rings sold together forming a handsome looking cluster on a man’s finger.

Keep in mind that it is mostly the quality that matters, but not the quantity. A single unique and high quality ring of an appropriate style will definitely help you make a statement, just like a wedding ring always does.