Advantages of premium quality polished sterling silver jewelry

There are not so many fashion lovers who could have never heard about sterling silver before visiting our website. Anyway such a person would surely be attracted by some polished sterling silver earrings or a marvelous bracelet decorated with some elegant beads or dangling charms attached to it. So what is sterling silver?

Pure silver is not used to make jewelry. The reason for that is pure silver being too soft. It is mixed with copper to provide strength to make jewelry casting possible. There could be other alloys used for copper replacement with an intention of the sterling silver alloy basic properties improvement.

Sterling silver is one of the types of high-quality silver used in fine jewelry production. Bright shine of silver makes is an exceptional setting for earrings or pendants, even those without any gemstones. Surely, putting some precious gemstones or crystals into those only makes them more eye-catching. Just imagine all that sparkle! Let us provide you with some more benefits to make you decide whether you should choose sterling silver jewelry or not.

So first you need to know what is it that makes sterling silver such a desirable precious metal. As long as pure silver is not found as a jewelry base very often one should consider less precious types of silver. Most silver you will be seeing in stores is mixed with another alloy to make it more yielding. The most common variant is copper. While sterling silver looks similar to 100% silver if color is considered then some “more-copper” silver types look darker and a bit orange. Sterling silver is brighter and becomes even more attractive when polished.

Having metals in its composition sterling silver is a subject to the oxidizing process when put into moist conditions. Such conditions can lead to tarnishing impacting both metals with silver having a better tarnishing resistance. Therefore sterling silver pieces with less copper are less affected. Keeping your sterling silver in dry area and polishing it from time to time will make tarnishing a problem you never face.

Here is one more fact to prove sterling silver fashion being a good choice. Copper part of silver mixes is not very great for your skin and is able to cause a reaction that changes the color of the skin in contact to green. While sterling silver has a lower level of copper in its blend you should not be worried about it.

Those were a few facts about sterling silver and its benefits. Hope we helped you to make up your mind on adding it to your collection or made you even more confident of the purchases you have already made.