Men bracelets gaining popularity

Although men jewelry has a very long history (not always used for style purposes though) many men still are hesitant to fall for the upcoming fashion. Stylists predict that bracelets for men are making a great comeback with the surge for men accessories and are also predicting the record sales highs in that jewelry sector.

The contemporary history of men bracelets starts in 1950’s in the United States of America with the trend of wearing postwar ID bracelets. The fashion has been evolving with many meaningful styles and designs during the second half of the previous century as well as fueled by various celebrities wearing them in public culminating in what we have now – metal, leather, beads, ropes, strings and other types of bracelets worn by an increasing number of men all over the world for styling purposes.

There is still some negativity around the whole men jewelry fashion. The terms such as ‘mewellery’ or ‘mangles’ are often used to point the feminine nature of the jewelry in concern. But for those men who do not buy into the appalling terminology the current trend give a variety of options to add some style to the outfit by confidently adorning the wrists –from metal ID bracelets to leather and beaded ones. During the previous couple of years men seem to have become more common with the idea of wearing bracelets. The whole thing is supported by huge fashion magazines as well as clothing designers complimenting their models’ looks at fashion shows with various bracelets. This proves that the given trend is really being vastly promoted.

Bracelets supposed for men are designed to add a sense of character and individuality to the looks. When chosen correctly men bracelets add extra masculinity and make a wearer look like a rebel with a taste. Sterling silver bracelets when worn on the non-watch hand make this idea work the best. While being a bit closer to a bangle part of female jewelry fashion such slim metal bracelets or cuffs are looking well on a man’s wrist without any feminine references.

As with anything else the confidence of a wearer is really important. Bracelets can become a stylish masculine jewelry choice for a modern gentleman with the controversy that surrounds it only increasing the trend’s popularity.