Cubic zirconias to replace diamonds in fashion jewelry

Women are sometimes misunderstanding the real value of cubic zirconia stones and, as a result, miss great opportunities to add a gorgeous durable piece of jewelry with absolutely adorable glitter to their collection. In this article we would like to provide some not so obvious facts about cubic zirconias.

Cubic Zirconia appears to be a very popular replacement for diamonds when we talk about fashion jewelry. Admittedly, these stones are of the same crystal shape as diamonds and are also of pretty much the same hardness. If we decide to compare popular Swarovski crystals, diamonds and cubic zirconias on the Mohs scale of hardness then a diamond has a rate of 10 while cubic zirconias will be getting about 8.5 and Swarovski crystals about 6-7 points. So is quite clear that cubic zirconias are closer to real diamonds relative to their durability then Swarovski crystals. Cubic zirconias are equal in hardness to emeralds and sapphires.

Both Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia are cut into the best possible shape to make them sparkle and glitter. They could also be colored into any color with the help of different salts addition during manufacturing process. One of the differences between these two beautiful man-made stones is that Cubic zirconias do not receive the specific coating, the one that helps Swarovski crystals to reflect additional light.

Anyway, these two stones are difficult to tell one from another for a person who does not see them daily, but the price level for cubic zirconias is slightly higher. As we have mentioned above, cubic zirconias look just like diamonds, so the price is really justified. Cubic Zirconias are great for cocktail or even bridal rings and other types of silver gemstone jewelry.

So, what is the essential difference between these two types of man-made crystals often used as real diamonds substitutes for staying on a budget reasons? They are both manmade and produced in specific laboratories yet they differ in methods they are created with. The final result is shiny, sparkling and inevitably eye-catching with both of them.

Frankly, it is more to the personal approach to jewelry when choosing either one of the diamond substitutes. And for those who is still hesitant to get some extra sparkle with a generous faceted cubic zirconia ring – the only thing you are going to lose is the wonderful sparkle these gemstone provide your jewelry with.