When you are the person who can not take his eyes off of the sterling silver shine and sparkle, then you are arguable the one who falls in love with dull, brown-ish, tarnished silver. We have gathered some useful and easy to implement advices for cleaning and caring for your sterling silver jewelry to preserve and maintain its sparkle!

The jewelry presented at our website is all made of hallmarked 925 sterling silver, with different finishes, plain silver or embellished with precious gemstones, murano glass, crystals and others.

There are not so many fashion lovers who could have never heard about sterling silver before visiting our website. Anyway such a person would surely be attracted by some polished sterling silver earrings or a marvelous bracelet decorated with some elegant beads or dangling charms attached to it. So what is sterling silver?

stone gem

When you are searching for that special crystal ring to add to your gemstone jewelry collection, you should be aware of what types of crystals are there and how do they differ from each other.

Let us provide you with some information about the world’s most famous and beloved man-made stones.

Women are sometimes misunderstanding the real value of cubic zirconia stones and, as a result, miss great opportunities to add a gorgeous durable piece of jewelry with absolutely adorable glitter to their collection. In this article we would like to provide some not so obvious facts about cubic zirconias.

It is a common fashion trend nowadays to move from expensive diamond rings for more affordable yet durable and versatile cubic zirconia ones. For those who search for sparkling look but needs to stay on budget, the cubic zirconia rings collection might become a wonderful choice.

Nowadays there are three crystal types that are largely used for fashion jewelry production. As long as Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconias are well known by jewelry lovers as the high quality man-made diamonds substitutes, the stones known as Czech crystals are sometimes forgotten.

The jewelry pieces made of high quality sterling silver look great and fashionable, but the gemstones are making them absolutely gorgeous. It is safe to say that gemstone jewelry makes the best contribution into the glitter and sparkle of your wardrobe.

No one knows exactly when the vine was wrapped around the wrist for the first time, but the bracelets as decorative pieces have been worn for many centuries.