What are those well-known Swarovski crystals?

Let us provide you with some information about the world’s most famous and beloved man-made stones.

Swarovski is a brand itself. It is a lead glass crystal that has been invented by the glass cutter named Daniel Swarovski, who was born in 1862 in the city of Bohemia that is situated in Czech Republic. The crystals named “Swarovski” became a standard for judging other crystal glass stones production. So what does make the crystals know by the name of Swarovski stand out of the crowd? That is a special production process. At first glass crystals were made utilizing silica, alkali and lime. Daniel Swarovski was first to add the lead into the formula. That addition resulted in the crystal’s much better light refraction. The electric cutting machine was patented by the Swarovski’s founder in 1892 allowing the high precision of facets cutting. That has enabled the Swarovski products to catch more light for refraction making them as desired as never before.

So how are these stylish crystals made? At first, the silicon oxide powder is being mixed with the lead. Then the mix is melted. The crystals are cooled and cut into the needed shape to be afterwards coated with special metallic coating to ensure the increased light reflection, the one that made them so popular. Swarovski are still possessing the world’s best machine for crystals cutting. They also showcase the highest content of lead. It makes them the best crystal’s producers in the world.

Nowadays Swarovski crystals are facing an ongoing competition from other types of crystals. Comparing them to cubic zirconia as an example, their main advantage is a slightly lower price as the production process is less complicated.

Swarovski crystals look absolutely gorgeous when added to the silver ring. Such rings are often shown in public by various celebrities. It is not just high quality that makes Swarovski crystal rings so popular, but also the availability of enormous number of different styles, colors and shapes to choose from. Add the hard to beat prices for those crystals and you start to get an idea why are the Swarovski crystal rings so popular these days. Even being specified as a fashion jewelry rather than fine these eye-catching yet elegant adornments are chosen by many women all other the world as the luxury look statements.